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MyGroupManager is a simple graphical interface written in PowerShell that can be deployed to Active Directory users simplifing the management of groups assigned to users via the ManagedBy attribute.

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The ManagedBy attribute of security groups in Active Directory allows administrators to easily empower users to manage security groups. Often times, the responsbility of group membership (specifically Distribution group and Security groups used to manage access to files) is inappropriately delegated to IT staff, though in most cases IT staff simply act as a middle man, since they do not usually have the knowledge of whom should be in the said security groups. For example, a user needs to give a fellow coworker access to a folder on the file server, of which he 'owns'; in the average IT environment, the user must request the IT staff to modify the group membership in his stead, although the user is the direct source of who should or should not have access to the data, not the IT staff.

This practice (relying on IT staff to manage groups) usually exists for obvious reasons, i.e., users don't have access to the appropriate tools ('AD Users and Computers' for example), users do not have the appropriate permissions to manage groups, and/or, don't have the technical knowledge required to manage these groups.

MyGroupManager provides a simple interface which directly presents the user which groups they are responsible for (via the 'ManagedBy' attribute), as well as a simple method in which they can modify the group membership. Users will not be able to modify groups they do not have access, as the ManagedBy attribute gives them access only to the specific group.

Powershell 2.0

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